Our History

Our History

The roots of the CCC began with our founder, Priscilla Ortlip, MSW, LCSW, who was hired in 1998 by Allegheny Center Alliance Church to serve that large, growing church’s counseling needs. Many church members and attenders who sought counseling before that time struggled to find professional counselors who were sensitive to, and accommodating to, their faith perspective. As the church was rapidly growing, it was evident within a year that one person could not meet the need, so I was also hired to assist in the effort. However, the needs of the church and surrounding communities, including the needs of other faith communities in Western Pennsylvania, continued to grow. 

Eventually, the Lord impressed upon Priscilla an idea for providing more Christian counseling at ACAC. As she worked out the concept of a collaborative of Christian therapists, we received great support from ACAC leadership. In the spring of 2006, we began providing counseling under the name of ‘Christian Counselors Collaborative’ with several therapists who were excited to counsel in a faith-based environment, functioning as independent therapists although part of the larger ‘whole’ of the CCC. 

In October of 2010, we were approved as a separate non-profit organization in the state of Pennsylvania, with the mission and vision described on this website. Our main goal is to provide Christian counseling at an affordable price, including assistance for those who might not be able to pay even our affordable rates. Our number of locations and associated therapists in Western Pennsylvania have increased greatly since then, as other churches and therapists with a heart to provide professional Christian counseling have approached the CCC looking to partner with us in serving their members, attenders, and communities. Our Board of Directors is a group of dedicated individuals who offer the CCC their expertise in various professional arenas, as well as a strong Christian faith.

We pray the Lord will bless you as you receive counseling through the CCC! It is our honor to walk with you during this portion of your life’s journey!

May God surround you with His love,
Tom Laird, MABC
Executive Director, Christian Counselors Collaborative