Our Mission & Values


We share a mission to minister to those struggling with emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues through professional counseling.  As therapists who have a personal relationship and walk with Jesus Christ, we come together in this unique collaborative to serve God as a community of Christian therapists, counseling clients with professionalism, dignity, cultural sensitivity, and love. 


The vision for the Christian Counselors Collaborative (CCC) is to be a professional, therapeutic setting, where belief in the healing power of the resurrected Jesus Christ can be integral to the process of therapy.  Both therapist and client can freely address a spiritual walk with Christ as it relates to emotional, psychological, and spiritual brokenness within.  

Along with this vision, we hold to the following goals:

  • To provide competent, professional therapy for all seekers of counseling, Christian and non-Christian.
  • To provide a Christian context for counseling for those who seek application of their Christian faith.
  • To provide counseling to all who seek it, regardless of ability to pay, as funding and therapist availability permit.